We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement for professionals of all levels. We spent money for innovation, technology and on efforts that support employee work and life balance.

Our focus is on a productive culture in which it fosters learning, growth and team work, effective marketing approach which allows partners reach their target audience, products and services necessary to compete, and a technology package to enhance efficiencies, effectiveness and productivity.

At Medallion Mortgage we are fair, balanced, focused and compassionate. We are insightful, positive, respectful, and always thriving. We are committed to our teammates, customers, community and partners alike. Because of these approaches to a sound culture, our partners feel more vested in the outcomes which goes longways to developing leaders of tomorrow.
We offer personalized website along with interactive and responsive tools. Through our marketing strategies (SMS, Email marketing, flyers, postcards, reminders, thank you notes, etc.) our originators stay in contact with their customers, always.
Through Medallion Mortgage true market-Place platform, we offer hundreds of loan products for a wide array of borrower situations. Our extensive training gives our loan originators the edge required to compete on all levels. We have expert loan processors to take your loan from origination to closing successfully.

We are experts in working with home builders. We have insights and a strong networking with local, national and public home builders. This creates opportunities for our originators to engage in this field and increase their income.

We have an extensive library of information to assist our originators to stay on top of their career. In effort to stay competitive with this ever changing mortgage industry, Medallion Mortgage believes in consistent education to give your career the leverage it needs to maintain your on-going success.

Medallion Mortgage Shop allows our originators to brand themselves professionally. This includes and not limited to apparel, marketing packages, PR and special event preparations, accessories among other tools.

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Anthony Hosseini

Founder, President & CEO

Judy Hosseini